Money Month 3.0


September 2019 is again being designated as Money Month 3.0. This initiative is aimed at informing non-traditional business owners and entrepreneurs about how to move forward in financing their futures and creating a comprehensive, fresh plan for financial business growth strategies.

Are you a business owner looking for resources to help your business flourish? Do you know where your money is going? Do you have to have outside money to grow your business? Do you know how to talk to money people so money people want to talk to you? Join us in Chandler, AZ on September 28th, 2019 for one day of expert resources, tools and strategies that help you build a custom plan for growth and the confidence to execute it.
You’ll obtain a curated suite of financial resources and tools, ALL IN ONE DAY where you can’t acquire anywhere else. Take advantage of a room full of experts where you can ask questions about your business, boost your networking circle, learn how to properly move forward in financing your future and create a comprehensive, fresh plan for the financial strategies of your business.

In order to reach your business goals and aspirations,
you need to make the change to do so.
We’re here to make the transformation easier!

As a participant of the Money Month 3.0 Master Class, you’ll will take away a comprehensive roadmap for growth, books and other helpful materials from the speakers. You will also leave the master class armed with lists of local connections and with many opportunities to network with other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs who are in attendance.


Let us support your business growth by providing you with the resources you need to do so.

There are limited seats available – RSVP today!