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Amplify Money Month 2.0

Money Month 2.0 is a community wide effort. YOU and your organization are part of Money Month. Now we want you to help us amplify our effort and earn the official title of Money Month Amplifier. Our goal is to bring the best tools, skills and resources about Money to every small business in Phoenix. We need your help to do that.

We need your help to ensure every business owner in Phoenix can access the tools in Money Month to build a strong financial foundation.

Becoming an Amplifier

Share Money Month 2.0 with the business owners in your network and we will add you to the list of amplifiers that are part of this community effort positioning you as one of the innovative leaders taking collaborative action to build our ecosystem.  We below are all of the marketing materials you need, to send Money Month to your members, clients and more. When you do forward us a copy of the marketing along with your logo and we will add you to the list of amplifies.

Ensure your clients, connections and colleagues have the MONEY tools they need to grow their business. If you need any additional resources please reply to this email and let us know.

5 Quick Ways to Amplify:

1.) Share on social media.

For your organizational page:
“We are proud to be part of @MoneyMonthAZ, building a stronger financial foundation for AZ women owned firms. Register today for a full month of interactive, in-depth sessions designed for firms of all spaces and sizes. #MoneyMonth #PhXX #YESPHX”  MoneyMonthAZ.com For your personal profile: 
As female entrepreneurs, money is one of the biggest challenges we face in starting & growing our businesses – making it, talking about it, managing it and finding more of it!

I’ve been honored to work on this year’s #MoneyMonth event, where we’ll provide education, skills and resources you need to master your #BizMoney. Because we know that there is $trength in number$! Register today for a month long pass! MoneyMonthAZ.com 

Please like the Money Month FB Page. If you see any content please like, share and comment!  
2.) Add to your email signature:
Real AZ Business Owners coming together to work on all things MONEY and #smallbiz. Join me at Money Month 2.0 September, 2018. An innovative workshop series dedicated to finding $trength in number$. #MoneyMonth #NewVisionAZ
3.) Share the flyer. Available for download here. 
4.) Personally invite 10 people. Previously you have received an email with the Subject Line “Money Month 2.0” simply take that email and forward it to 10 people you know encouraging them to participate. Make sure to add your personal comments.
Example: Hey XXX, As you know I am an advocate for growing women owned firms in AZ, I saw this resources and thought of you. It is a community wide effort with the custom innovative tools created for growing business owners like you. I hope you can attend.  
5.) Share in your newsletters. With the below content.  .

Money Month 2.0

In September 2018, women-owned businesses, entrepreneurial communities and stakeholders across the state are providing training, resources and discussions all about MONEY. We call this Money Month 2.0.This year, there will be four weeks of structured events in five regions (Peoria, Mesa, Chandler, Central Phoenix, and North Scottsdale) across the Valley.

We strategically brought together the top money experts from all over Arizona to create interactive content tailored to the various needs of women-owned businesses in various stages of development.

Each week will focus on the four key areas of money: making money, managing money, internal money and external money.  

You can register for one event or the full month; participate at a location near you! Registration is now open!

Register Now
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