Week 1 Summary

When the Money Month committee started discussions on how they wanted Money Month 2.0 to look different, they chose to focus on IMPACT. Instead of defining success as a number of BIS (butts in seats) they wanted to provide real tools that could move the participants’ businesses FORWARD. They wanted Money Month 2.0 to be innovative, different and inclusive of new voices.

If week 1 was any indication, we are well on our way to achieving that goal! During week 1 of Money Month 2.0 we hosted a large scale Kick-off celebration, multiple events with the Results Junkies Tech Tour and the first week of Money Month 2.0 session in regions across the Valley. For a detailed summary of the week, read the details below.

Do NOT miss week 2 of Money Month 2.0, Managing Money, happening this Thursday at locations across the Valley!

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Results Junkies North American Tech Tour

The Results Junkies North American Tech Tour joined Money Month 2.0 for three action-packed days of events last week. In addition to founder Paul Singh’s awesome key-note at the kick-off, the tech tour:

  • Spoke with local investors about innovative ways to get more entrepreneurs funded
  • Worked directly with entrepreneurs during office hours across the Valley
  • Shared wisdom and brought ASU student together with the Startup Grind community at a fireside chat, and
  • Facilitated a discussion among 25 community partners on taking the Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem to the next level.
  • The Tech Tour brought best practices gleaned from over 100 other cities they’ve visited, as well as a fresh perspective on the Valley’s strengths and challenges. Most importantly, this visit served as a catalyst for diverse communities to join the conversation!

Money Month 2.0 KICKS OFF big!

Over 100 community leaders, business owners and Empowered PhXX stakeholders came together on Wednesday, September 5th, to celebrate the start of Money Month 2.0.

Committee Chair Stephanie Sims shared details about Money Month 2.0 and recognized the tenacious regional coordinators, content leaders and volunteers who have been working tirelessly to make the vision of Money Month 2.0 a reality.

The amazing Dena Patton was the evening’s emcee and kicked off the #MoneyMonth online discussion by getting the entire audience to connect and participate in a full selfie session.

Finally, Paul Singh redefined what a “tech” business is and shared insights he has gathered from traveling across the North America meeting with local entrepreneurs.

You can also watch the full kick-off event, which was streamed live on FB.


On Thursday, the first week of Money Month 2.0 sessions were held at 5 locations across the Valley. Money experts shared a community-developed curriculum with key concepts for business owners.

Next, the business owners in the room worked directly with their peers to APPLY those concepts to real world challenges.

Then, each participant developed a personal ACTION plan for their own business.

Below are some of the top FB Live posts and social media shares from the events.


Finally, a huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and partners who made Money Month 2.0 week 1 successful!

We appreciate all of the posts, marketing and sharing of Money Month 2.0 information. Keep them coming!

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Week 2 

Managing Money – What is your money past?

Let us guide you on how to be able to understand your current financial position and what it means for your business. Week 2 events are here to provide you with the skills to understand how to manage your money, what financial statements tell you, and when and how to get help with managing your money. It isn’t someone else’s job to manage your money – so let Money Month 2.0 give you the tools you need to take responsibility!

Join us for Money Month Week 2!

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