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Women business owners have tremendous economic and social impact in our communities. Our goal is to elevate the entire Arizona entrepreneurial ecosystem by focusing our efforts, leveraging our resources and collaborating around the top issue facing female entrepreneurs in Phoenix, Money.


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In the month of September we are inviting all community stakeholders to participate in Money Month!  Training, resources and discussion all about MONEY. Research continues to cite, capital as a top challenge facing female entrepreneurs (NWBC, 2017).  

We invite all Phoenix community partners, networking groups, governments, associations and nonprofits, corporation and individuals to participate in Money Month and create resources and programming that supports the unique needs of their community!

How you participate in money month is up to you. We help guide, promote and amplify your effort to elevate all resources of entrepreneurs in our community and help grow all Phoenix business owners.   

All we ask in return, is that at every Money Month event you ask your participant to complete, share and promote our Women Business Owner survey. The largest survey of women business owners ever executed in the state of Arizona with the goal of gathering critical data to create a comprehensive regional strategy to support the growth of women owned firms.

Next Steps:

  • Go to the money month website, review the recommended guidelines to help you create an effective and unique event.
  • Enter your event on the submission page to be included on our calendar.
  • Download our partnership kit with marketing tools, educational content and unique tools to use on your marketing and communication channels.
  • Post about your event and join the conversation by using the hashtags #MoneyMonth #PhXX and #NBofA
  • At your event mention money month and as a call to action ask attendees to complete the Entrepreneurial Survey, the largest survey of women business owners and female entrepreneurs ever completed in Phoenix. All submission will be kept confidential (no sales leads) but the data will be used to help us create a long term strategy to position Phoenix as the top city for female entrepreneurs in the county.

How Individuals  and business owners can participate:

  • Visit our website and find an event in your area that aligns with your needs.
  • Sign up for emails with valuable tools and resources designed for business owners.
  • Share content or tools you have created online and use the hashtags!
  • Follow on social media to support and share
  • Attend our Money Month launch event.

Examples of how major networking groups can participate:

  • Promote articles in newsletter, blogs and content on social media that educates and discusses challenges on money, creating your own content or using content shared on our Money Month website.   
  • Select a speaker or hold a discussion at any event that focuses on money.
  • During events share facts, resources and tools specific to money.
  • Provide two resource tables at major events for financial resources in the community.
  • Attend our Money Month launch event.

Examples of how community partners can participate:

  • Hold training workshops and programs specifically around money
  • Work with Empowered PhXX to provide resources and educational content
  • Promote articles in newsletter, blogs and content on social media that educates and discusses challenges on money.  
  • Attend our Money Month launch event.

The Goal of Money Month

Strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystems resources and culture around money, capital and financial education

  • Get women business owners to complete the Women Business Owner Survey
  • Create a cohesive voice and community in the community through collaboration
  • Change the culture around money and financial education for diverse entrepreneurs
  • Increase access to resources around money for all diverse entrepreneurs
  • Increase awareness about the economic value of female led ventures
  • Strengthen all entrepreneurial resources and community partners by elevating exposure and providing a unique opportunity to engage sponsors and public advocacy.  

Money Month is an initiative of Empowered PhXX powered by National Bank of Arizona AND it is open for every community partner to participate.

Empowered PhXX  is a community collaborative committed to strengthening the future of Phoenix by advancing women in entrepreneurship and is 100% community-owned and self-organized. Meaning no one person or organization runs it —everyone contributes through action.




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