Welcome To Empowered PhXX

Welcome to the Empowered PhXX community! Empowered PhXX is a 100% community-owned and self-organized. Meaning no one person or organization runs it —everyone contributes through action.

Our Mission: Strengthening Phoenix’s economic and social future by creating a strong ecosystem for women led firms, achieving 50/50 in entrepreneurship.

Empowered PhXX is an innovative model of community economic development that brings together diverse community stakeholders who serve female entrepreneurs.  Providing stakeholders with:

•In-depth, strategic, round-table discussions on key issues.
•The latest research, data and national trends on female entrepreneurship.
•Leveraging collective strength to execute initiatives that address significant challenges in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem

We communicate through social media (#PhXX) and regular emails to leverage time. We hold summits every 6 months and strategic round-tables every other month. Meetings are always the second Friday of the month from 10:00 -12:00.

Join the conversation! Connect! Take Action!

Below are the top tools and resources Empowered PhXX stakeholders have created based on needs identified in our round-table. All of them are resources to help stakeholders who work with women business owners be more effective and resources for women business owners to use directly.

Communication Tools

The goal of these tools is for everyone to use the message in their everyday communications, leveraging the collective power of our voice.

1.) Cut and Paste this message at the end of your email signature:

Supporting women owned business has tremendous economic and social impact on our communities. #PhXX.  Learn More.

2.) Download and print these simple business cards to hand out in addition to your regular business cards to spread the word and strike up a deeper discussion. Link to word doc. 

3.) We have put together an email template, content for communications and basic statistics and data for everyone to use and adapt to their needs. View the content here. 

4.) A full slide deck with lots of facts and graphics to cut and paste for presentations. View slide deck and download here. 

5.) Post any tools and events and updates using #PhXX and connect with Empowered PhXX on Facebook and Twitter. 

Remember no matter what facts or tools you use make sure to repeat our main message multiple times!

Our message: Supporting women owned businesses has tremendous economic and social impact on our communities. #PhXX

Resource Toolkit

Resource List for Women Owned Business in PhXX

List of PhXX Women Business Owners to be Used for Media / Speaking / Awards

Infographic for anyone to share with their network to promote the impact of women owned businesses in PhXX

Certification Fact Sheet: Quick reference guide on what all community leaders need to know about “women owned” certification. 

Women Owned Businesses Lifecycle


All of our conversations are based on research and national best practices. We have developed several models and frameworks to help us better communicate and understand the complicated world of economic development, entrepreneurship and gender. Review this models and our research to date on our blog:

Empowered PhXX Models and Background

There is a growing body of research about women owned businesses, building ecosystems to support women owned firms and how to effectively work with women led firms. Below are the key pieces of research in the area:

1.) National: National Women’s Business Council Annual Report 

2.) State by State Comparison: AMEX Open State of Women Business Owners completed by Womenable

3.) Arizona Data: Census Fact Sheet

4.) Academic Research Anthology: Research on Women Entrepreneurs, Jennifer Jennings and Candida Bush. 

5.) Global Research on Female Entrepreneurship: GEM Report

We have put all research facts and figures that are the most relevant to PhXX in our complete slide deck which is available on our blog. 


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