The Actions of Our Leaders Create Our Community

Recently Empowered PhXX sent out an email that asked partners to help us promote Money Month 2.0.

I have been thinking a lot about that email. My guess is that most people saw that email and did like I have often done. Cool, I will post that on social media…soon…someday…I will star it for sure. Then life happens my email floods and my good intentions go out the window. It is understandable. That has become our norm. Events sound nice.  

I realized that “promotion” is not the right ask. Really I was emailing to ask you to be the leader, I know you are. I am asking you to take action.

Attend Money Month 2.0 and bring 3 people with you. 3 members, peers, up and coming business owners whatever. Just take a step and bring 3 with you. Money Month was created because WE wanted to move our community forward. In order to do that we have to have better, honest tools for business owners about money.  

As a leader your ACTIONS are what creates our community. By attending Month Month 2.0 and bringing 3 with you, you communicate the following.

1.) That making MONEY is a good thing. It is why we are here. Yes, relationships are good, passion is great but at the end of the day we are a business community and all of those things should go together.

2.) It says that you are willing to talk about money and we all have space to learn. If you really want to connect with people, don’t just have drinks and chat, imagine the power of sitting down and talking about money. The power of being authentic and sitting in a room full of peers to learn from each other. You can show others that we can get business support in the way that WE want to be supported. Business education can look innovative and different then a traditional workshop but we have to support and engage to create it.

3.) Finally, it communicates the importance of COMMUNITY. Money Month 2.0 is not about a single expert or tool, it is about us coming together, to create something better stronger and bigger than anyone single group or person. It communicates that collaboration is power.  

Take action and bring 3 with you.

Money Month 2.0 is one event a week, over four weeks with a different focus each week. This year we have 5 locations across the valley. You can buy a pass for the entire month for $45.

Take action and bring 3 with you.

So take real action. Move your business forward, even if you are an established success business owner you can learn from each other during Money Month 2.0 but more importantly you can bring 3 with you.

Because there’s $trength in Number$

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