Models, Background and Facts You Need to Know About Empowered PhXX

This blog is a crash course on Empowered PhXX and the economic development of women business owners in Arizona. The data is pulled from various sources including the latest census data (Women-Owned-Businesses-Census-Data-Arizona), the Arizona Hispanic Chambers Datos (AZ-Hispanic-Chamber-of-Commerce-Power-of-the-Purse) report and data pulled by Melissa Kovacs of First Eval.  The above slide deck shares the latest research and facts on women business owners. It also describes some of the tools we use to frame our discussions. At Empowered PhXX meetings we have various stakeholders from various backgrounds so we have a couple of tools to help us all speak the same language so our meetings can be ACTION focused.


Below is the model we used to understand all the resources and partners in the ecosystem. This model was developed by the National Women’s Business Council.

New Ecosystem Pillars for WBO Hi Def - 400 pixels

Below is the model we used to describe the life-cycle of a women owned business so we can effectively pass accurate referrals.

Women Business Owner Business Growth Cycle

Entrepreneurial Resources Referral Variables 8-18


Below is the ecosystem model with the challenges that women business owners face outlined next to its relevant resource on the ecosystem. Challenges were developed from the latest national research, feedback from stakeholders at Empowered PhXX meetings and one on one interviews.

2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report


Here is a quick video intro on entrepreneurial ecosystem development:


Below are the best research and reports to review (HEAVY NERD ALERT):





Here is a link to a proposal description of our first action initiative, the largest research study ever completed of women business owners in Phoenix:

EmpoweredPhXX-WBOMarketResearchProject 3-17


Similar Research Completed in Other States:



PDF Download of research in St. Lois Watkins Et Al


Finally, our working copy of the resources in Phoenix for female entrepreneurs (feel free to update):



After every meeting we post a meeting summary. Things have changed and evolved but they will give you a more detailed background on the work that has gone into the above material.

The best way to stay up to date is to join our mailing list and if you are really want to get involved, reach out to us and schedule a one on one meeting to discuss more!

Empowered PhXX Slide Deck - AZ Women Business Owner Facts

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