Empowered PhXX Stakeholder Survey and Meeting Annoucement

Happy New Year Empowered PhXX!

Empowered PhXX Stakeholder Survey and Meeting Annoucement

Happy New Year Empowered PhXX!

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New Census Data Released

The year started off the release of the 2012 Census data release for specific cities.
•Phoenix growth in women owned firms outpaced the rest of the state with a growth increase of 36%. Phoenix went from 89,379 women owned firms in 2007 to 121,689 firms in 2012.
•Women owned firms now account for 35.7% of all firms in Phoenix.
•Phoenix women owned firms account for $16.5 billion in total sales and 102,632 paid employees.

Here is a link to our full blog discussing what this data reveals about the role women business owners can play in the future of Arizona’s economy. Keep your eyes open for us in several local publications. Thank you to Melissa with FirstEval for pulling this critical data.


Registration for our Next Empowered PhXX Meeting

We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting:

Friday February 12th, 2016
10:00 AM till 12:00 PM
at ASU Sky Song
By popular demand we moved our start time to 10:00 AM.

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Plus, We have officially launched our efforts to secure funding for the first action initiative that the group determined was critical for the advancement of women business owners in Phoenix.

We have created a proposal for a comprehensive market research analysis of women business owners, our needs and the unique obstacles we face. During our next meeting we will be discussing the proposal and gathering feedback.

Plus, Plus, we are developing a new logo for Empowered PhXX and infographic

Plus, Plus Plus, we have received several request for speaking engagements and inclusion in many upcoming local events. People are excited to hear about the economic development of women business owners and how we are changing our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We look forward to sharing everything at the upcoming meeting and to hearing your feedback in the survey!

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