Female Entrepreneurship in Phoenix: Infographic


Here is our beautiful infographic of Female Entrepreneurship in Phoenix! Created by Caitlin Penny of Copper Theory Creative. Our goal was to help bring awareness to the tremendous economic impact and potential growth that women owned businesses and female entrepreneurs represent in Phoenix and Arizona.

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This data sheet was one of the first objectives set out by Empowered PhXX. Empowered PhXX was started in large part because we asked a simple question, “How many women business owners are in Phoenix?” After reaching out to all the major agencies and organizations we found out that NO one had the answer. Joyce Lee, the National Public Policy Director for NAWBO, once told me, “If you don’t have numbers, you don’t count.”

This data shows that women owned business count and we should be proud of the economic impact that we currently contribute. Most importantly, we should be aware of the economic impact we have and the potential to create it as well.

Fact: When we have shared this data a common response is that those numbers aren’t valid, most women start hobbies or small business. They don’t want to grow.

If your first thought was to argue the numbers, my question is why? We can talk about the data but your assumption is gender bias in action. The reality is that there are a lot of women who want to grow their business. Our culture and the way we talk about scalable businesses is limiting the number of women whom even see scalable businesses as an option. The challenge is that this culture is often internalized and much harder to change with a quick fix.

That doesn’t mean we can’t change the culture. Several other states have chosen to address these stereotypes and are already reaping the economic benefits.

There are still a lot of questions about female entrepreneurship in Phoenix that we do not have answers to. Who are the women business owners in Phoenix (geography, age, goals)? What are the growth challenges that they face? What is their experience in the ecosystem accessing resources and engaging in the community? Our goal, through our market research initiative, is to get the answers to those questions and more. It will be the largest study completed on women business owners in Phoenix and it will give us the data we need to effectively leverage the growing economic opportunity that female entrepreneurship represents. We are in the process of securing funding and looking for partners. If you are interested in being a sponsor or partner please contact us.

Yes, equality is a great social cause but what the data shows is that growing female entrepreneurship in Phoenix is not just a social issue it is an economic imperative. The rapid growth of women owned businesses is an opportunity that will provide tremendous economic benefit. By developing diverse business owners, the entire ecosystem benefits. We create more high quality jobs, give back to our community and create sustainable growth.

infographic female entreprenuership phoenix

There is work to be done. Every partner in the ecosystem is responsible for changing the culture and resources that surround women to ensure that they are able to succeed to their fullest potential. We have to change the way we talk about entrepreneurs. There are many ways to build a business successfully and we don’t have to sacrifice family and life in order to achieve it.

It will take all of us looking at each other and holding each other accountable. It will require leaders in the ecosystem taking actions and changing the way we are currently operating to be more inclusive and effective. We have to be smart and look at the reality of specific data and numbers and ask if that outcome is the best for our economy and how each of us are responsible.

It is looking at an agencies and saying that having all white male participants is bad business.

It is looking at networking groups and saying that we have to integrate honest business skills and stand up together to fight for what our members need.

It is looking at each other and pushing the hard questions. Listening for the mindset and lack of confidence that holds us back. Making sure that every women understands the internal gender bias we all face and define our own success outside of those norms and ensuring that every women business owner is stepping up to her fullest potential.

What will your commitment be? Not sure what you can do, let’s talk, together we will

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