Results from AZ WBO Survey Released at May 22nd Event

Since 2015 Empowered PhXX has been collecting national data and best practices, and executing community-wide town hall and one-on-one meetings on the state of female entrepreneurship in Phoenix. Since the start of those conversations, one overwhelming need was identified repeatedly by policy makers & support organizations: we need more research and data to improve our ability to serve female entrepreneurs. To gather this data, we created a 51-question online survey based on the Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners, and with input from researchers from the Kauffman Foundation, the American Express Open Women Business Initiative, and others. We also created an interview guide based on the previous innovation, gender and labor research of Dr. Nancy Jurik.

Working with partners from across the state and leveraging the highly successful Money Month AZ powered by National Bank of Arizona, the Arizona Women Business Owner Survey was executed in September, 2017. The largest survey in the history of Arizona women business owners, the goal of this initiative was to identify who women business owners are in Arizona, the challenges they face and how stakeholders can better support their growth. The results were combined with qualitative in-depth interviews with 43 Phoenix area women business owners, research from best practices on entrepreneurial ecosystem building across the country, and feedback from the two years of ecosystem outreach to create this report and recommendations.

This event marks the official release of the report entitled, A New Vision for Arizona Entrepreneurship: Recommendations to Maximize the Economic Impact of Women-Owned Businesses.

Community partners will share how they are going to implement the recommendations in this report. The goal is for every partner to take this amazing new tool and improve their ability to effectively survey the diverse and vibrant community of women owned firms.

If you would like to view the report to make a commitment to action, email the Empowered PhXX Report committee.

Space is limited. Registration is now open!


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