Learn How to Drive the Results You Want. Understanding Your Financials.

When you started working on your small business or entrepreneurship venture, did you include the      financials in your planning?  This doesn’t mean this is necessarily where you focused all your time, but was it included at any capacity while still in the planning stages or even once you started operating?  The answer for more people than not is, “No”.

Let’s face it – understanding your financials is not the easiest part of business, and is a topic that is often swept aside by many startups.

When individuals become entrepreneurs or small business owners they don’t envision themselves knee deep in financial reports, digging through income statements, or pouring over balance sheets. These aren’t the glamourous parts of the journey, and people often take the risk of starting their own ventures because they are interested in solving a problem, or passionate about a specific product or service.

I was determined to change this common approach I saw with women and financials. It took months to strip away some of the extremely complex aspects of learning finance to create something that would empower women to make educated decisions when it came to building and expanding their ventures.

It was that moment I realized that success was about shifting paradigms in how women think about numbers (or don’t think about them).  Paradigms guide our expectations and they help us to sort, organize, and classify information.  They affect the types of questions we ask when we are trying to   understand the world around us, and in these processes we are incorporating all of the knowledge and experiences we have acquired since birth.


In this amazing (free) download of Chapter 1, you’ll learn how to use numbers to make good business decisions and have the confidence to drive the growth you want. The best part is that it’s not a text book.  It’s an intuitive, enjoyable way to learn finance. http://sustainwe.co/start-here/

Alicia J. Marseille, MBA

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