89,379: THE PHXX FORWARD INITIATIVE Meeting 3 Summary

Our 3rd meeting of the PhXX Forward initiative was held on Friday, October 9th. Once again, we had a room full of women business owners community leaders, influencers and economic development partners. If I had to pick a theme for this meeting it is clarity.

Over the last 90 days we have:

  • Conducted 3 meetings with growing attendance. Over 100 individual stakeholders have provided feedback and insight on the needs and goals of our women business owner community
  • Developed a mailing list of over 100 participants- with a 63% open rate
  • Been highlighted by 2 major publications
  • Held over 50 one on one meetings with the top community leaders to collect data and feedback
  • Discovered we are now 1 of 3 similar initiatives across the country

People have stepped up to help develop a clear definition for our organization, our unique value and our vision.

At this meeting we started to discuss 3 key issues and outlined some communication standards for our group.

First, we established some communications standards:

  • Meeting other Community Partners: Brief 30 second intros about the main initiatives that your organization is executing to empower Phoenix women business owners. If you are a women business owner, you can share an example of the economic impact you have created.
  • Action: Updates on our main issues including progress on our current objective. With small break out discussions on issues that need final group approval.
  • Event Calendar Submissions: Bringing a flyer to the meeting for any event you have in the next 90 days to be posted on a common website created and maintained by MaryLynne Christman atpwaaz.org/index.php/events
  • Resource List: The top feedback we get from women business owners is that they have challenges finding and navigating the tools and resources available to them. We are going to start by creating a comprehensive resource list of all the programs that support women business owners. We will take this large task one step at a time. The first step is a brain dump. We created a Google doc excel spreadsheet. Go in and enter any organization that you know of that offers support to women business owners. If you have challenges accessing the Google doc feel free to create a similar excel spreadsheet on your own and email it to Jarrett at Therayvangroup@gmail.com

Click here for the editable google spreadsheet of resources:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZbaJiHcXVFhKS4z7S5fIOup5rgjcD4FwoUN7GsLRXPY/edit?usp=sharing

  • Whoova App:  Download it on your phone to see and keep all of the contact information for attendees as well as to receive other information about our meetings.
  • #PHXX is our social media hashtag

Second, everyone who is part of our initiative is busy. Really busy. In an effort to ensure that everyone can get the tools we create AND contribute their feedback, will draft a blog summary after every meeting summarizing the talking points and gather feedback so we can have focused discussion during our meetings and make critical group decisions in person.

Prior to the meeting Kathy Lynn with Elevate asked an important question, ” What do we want people to do? We have to be clear!”. So here it is:

Read the emails, take the questions to your constituents to get feedback, use the resources and RESPOND to questions.

Post on the blog, send an email, post on social media. The reason we have found success so far is because we have multiple stakeholders engaging in a conversation on their terms. Ideally we would love you to come to the meeting where you can share your input in person, but we understand that everyone will not attend every meeting. We want to create a communication system that allows people to participate and get value from our efforts without sitting in every meeting.

I have broken down the main issues we discussed into 3 separate blogs to help with clarity and encourage people to post, response and forward the information to others. Our goal is to narrow our options on these three areas so at our next meeting we can separate into smaller groups and make final decisions on the following:

Issue 1: Data Sheet on the economic impact of women business owners.

Issue 2: A Large Scale Vision

Issue 3: A New Name

AZ Women Business Owners Meeting Summary 3


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