2017 Final Report and Results of Money Month AZ Powered By National Bank of Arizona

In September of 2017, the largest community wide initiative designed to support women owned firms was executed by a community collaboration of 25 diverse community stakeholders including economic development agencies, networking partners, women owned firms and non-profits.  It was called Money Month AZ powered by National Bank of Arizona.

To say that the first year of Money Month AZ was a success is an understatement, through Money Month AZ, the largest survey of women business owners to date was executed, it increased community connectivity between partners AND raised the level of awareness and dialogue for women business owners around money. The entire effort was completed almost exclusively by community leaders.The only official investment spent was to ensure that the survey of Arizona women business owners was executed to the highest levels of academic and professional standards. Each achievement will have significant economic and social impact in our community for years to come. Money Month AZ was able to create the following impact on our community. 

In the month of September, 40 community events were executed by over 25 community partners including:

One of the main goals for the month was the successful completion of the AZ Women Business Owner (WBO) Survey. The survey gathered critical data needed to create a regional strategy to elevate women owned businesses. The original goal was to receive 100 completed surveys from a diverse representation of AZ WBO’S. Our secret goal was 250. The number of actual surveys completed was 313!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!

Maricopa SBDC Chandler Innovations
Women Who Start Up: Basecamp Phoenix National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
WOWOB AZ Starshine
1 Million Cups AWEEc WBC
Pearls of Wisdom and the YWCA The Quarterly
Ellevate Co+Hoots
e-Women Network Athena Valley of the Sun
Arizona Prosperity Initiative Accelerator The Money Keys
The Sisterhood Extravaganza WBEC-West
Conscious Connections Women and Money
Infinity Co-working Space Hera Hub
Claxxy Women Link Business
Dena Patton Coaching The Money Keys
Arizona Women’s Partnership Women The Honest Edge Finance-Ability
Better Business Bureau  ASU E + I

The Tools Used


MoneyMonthAZ.com was created pro-bono by Coplex, then content was inserted, updated and maintained completely by community leaders. Since the launch of the new Money Month AZ website in June, the website has received over 7,458 views. During the month, weekly education articles were published highlighting local experts on various money topics as well as educational articles giving people higher access to our powered by partner, National Bank of Arizona.


Five emails went out to the Empowered PhXX mailing list of community leaders ( 400+ subscribers) in the Month of September alone. The average open rate was over 25% with a 7% click rate.

Mass emails went out from almost every partner’s general mailing list. The follow up survey will gather the total email reach.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter accounts were created specifically for Money Month AZ. All communication was led by Kimberly Roland with the BBB on Twitter and Wendy Anderton with Global Ties on Facebook. In less than three months, they created:

Facebook:  43 Likes and 43 Follows , Total Reach over 2,882 with no paid advertisements

Twitter: 76 Followers, #MoneyMonthAZ has several re-tweets by major community leaders.

While the following posts are just a sample of some of the online communications that used the hashtag #MoneyMonthAZ, the really impressive piece of this communication is the variety of partners that all posted.


Media Mentions:

Our media outreach was led by Laurie Anderson of Creative Cactus. Money Month AZ had representation on several media. Most importantly, our messages consistently communicated the economic impact of women business owners in our community.

Phoenix Business Journal Article Highlighting the Money Month Kickoff:


Phoenix Business Journal Article by Business Owner of the Year Jenny Poon, mentioning Money Month and the AZ WBO Survey:


WestMarc article on West Valley Money Month Event:


MoneyRadio Business Radio Interview:


Money Radio Business for Breakfast Interview: September 11th , audio available upon request

#YesPhx “20 People to Know” Recognizing Kristin Slice mentioning Money Month:


New releases were distributed through two release distribution services, including the two stories below with more than 200 hits each:



Money Month Highlights:

While the formal Money Month AZ accounts did well, the true power of individual leaders in our community was the true driving force.  The final social media push was shared over 17 times from community leaders with extensive personal network.

At the end of Money Month, Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix released a video, highlighting Money Month, the AZ WBO survey and the economic impact of women led firms in AZ.  

The Kick Off Event had over 100 RSVPS with almost 80 in attendance. Barry Wong, the EEO Officer with Governor Doug Ducey’s Office, presented a statewide proclamation celebrating Money Month AZ and the economic impact of women led firms in AZ.

Secretary of State Michelle Regan and Phoenix City Council Member (and mayoral candidate) Daniel Valenzuela were also in attendance and tweets were sent out from both.

In addition, the Governor’s Office, the City of Phoenix and the City of Tempe signed proclamations about the economic impact of women business owners in celebration of Money Month AZ. One of the goals of Money Month was to start building relationships with local leaders and governments, that goal was achieve and we have built a powerful foundation to continue to build on.

The video stream of the kickoff was viewed by an additional 520 people online.

Timeline Moving Forward:

Complete the survey of partners to gather final data. Complete it now!

November 1st – Money Month Committee Debrief and Gathering of Best Practices for Next Year

November 6th – Initial Report of the Survey Results to the Report Committee (Looking for leaders, if you are interested email us).

December 8th 10:00 -12:00 –  Empowered PhXX Meeting Review of Findings for feedback from stakeholders. Registration Now Open

December 30th – All data gathered from survey, qualitative research and comparative census data.

January, 2018 – Draft data into a report and practical guidelines for implementation for all community stakeholders.

February 2018 – Presentation of report for feedback at Empowered PhXX meeting.

March – May 2018- Meeting with all community partners for feedback on report and implementation feedback.

May, 2018 – Report Release and Community Summit!

September 2018 – MONEY MONTH 2.0


In closing, it was an amazing month. We set out to move the needle on the development of women business owners in Arizona. In many ways, we achieved many of our goals. We have gathered the materials needed to build a strong future for Arizona by leveraging the tremendous strength of women business owner AND the real work is just starting. We look forward to gathering your feedback to continue to evolve Money Month for future years and to working with you to use the mighty tools we have been given. Thank you to everyone who made this amazing initiative possible, who used their most precious resources of time and connections to make an impact in our community. Thank you for having faith in an idea and in the collective strength of our community.

Did we miss something? Photos? Names? Let us know!


Quotes from the Community:

“Money Month was a great opportunity, not just for our community of women business owners, but for the leaders to collaborate and rally around a topic that will make a difference for all. I hope this is the beginning to more women thriving in their businesses! “

Dena Patton Business Coach/Speaker/Author 

“Putting on a money month event was helpful in that we tend to shy away from the subject of money. At our monthly events, we focus on shining a spotlight on a female innovator/entrepreneur and we work to showcase female co-founders to show how we support one another. Having Heidi Jannenga, President and Co-founder of WebPT along with her CEO Nancy Ham was the perfect duo to help us understand the financial journey of a SaaS enterprise. I learned so much about the power of bootstrapping and when to engage in VC funding options.”

– Robin Bramman, City Leader for Women Who Startup Basecamp Phoenix monthly events

Truly an amazing month of money talk!!  So many options and ideas were discussed on the impact and advancement of women business owners.  As we all know, when anyone is successful, other share the wealth.  It was a beautiful collaboration of many voices to raise awareness, share information, build communities and more.  The impact on our economy will be seen for many years to come as tips, connections, and education received will be utilized.

– Jackie Wszalek, Splash Printing and Marketing, Former NAWBO President, WOWOB Founder.

“#MoneyMonth was a great opportunity to see fully where my gaps were for my business and funding; as well as helped me to target how best to fill those gaps. It’s never too late to ask for more money!”

– Shatha Barbour, Hera Hub Founder

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