Research on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Women

For a short cut I take all data points and overview research and insert the in our slide deck:


The AMEX Open State of Women give a great overview of the current state of different Ecosystem. The Womenable Blog is amazing and breaks down a lot of the data.  Also the Women Business Council does an annual report updating on issues their research has identified across the country.


Here is an excellent journal article giving an overall view of research on female entrepreneurship to date. jennings and brush-women entrep-annals-2013

Finally the GEM report does a lot on global research and international development.

GEM 2015 Womens Report

Here are examples of research documents that have provide some of the background, I have called and interviewed key players in these ecosystems. Some of my conversations I recorded as podcast for

New York:




Podcast Interview:

How Research is Strengthening the Development of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Women

Iowa is known for going from 50 to a top state for female entreprenuers. They leveraged the Univeristy and thier comittment to research. This report is a great background.

2015-SmallBusinessReport- IOWA

Podcast Interview:

Iowa’s Journey from 50th for Women to a Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Maureen Collins


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