Weekly Breakdown of Topics for Money Month 2.0

Talking About & Making Money – What is your relationship with money?
The goal for week 1 is to help each individual walk away with the knowledge to have conversations about money that you know will add to your bottom line. To do so, you will learn skills such as how to have a money mindset, value-based selling, and being comfortable asking for what you are worth. It is important to know how to build a profitable, sustainable business model where you can pay yourself, know when/how to raise prices, and discount strategically.
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Managing Money – What is your money past?
Let us guide you on how to be able to understand your current financial position and what it means for your business. These workshops in Week 2 are here to provide you with the skills to understand how to manage your money, what financial statements tell you, and when and how to get help with managing your money. It isn’t someone else’s job to manage your money – let’s get started.
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Finding Money Inside Your Business – What is your money present?
Your long-term financial goal for growing your business. Being on track for your goals. How you will get from here to there. Your plan for measuring your progress. Translating your plan into actions. Do you have the answers to these questions you constantly ask yourself? Week 3 is designed to provide the understanding of what your goals are and how to move towards them by using resources you’ve already got inside your business! Let Money Month 2.0 provide guidance in your financial decision-making process.
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Finding External Funding – What is your money future?
It is critical for the success of your business to understand when outside capital could be right for you, and how to be ready when you need it. The last week’s main objectives will provide you with the resources you need to develop the right funding strategy, how to access different types of capital, and how to move forward after you get the money. Week 4 will build on all the skills and knowledge you gain the first three weeks, and provide you the knowledge and confidence necessary to get the funding you need to grow!
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Each week is an important step to run your business better because there is $trength in Number$!But attending all four weeks gives you a strong financial foundation and a complete action plan for growing your business – not to mention special pricing and bonus content.

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